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Air & Refrigeration Service
Commercial Refrigeration
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Every heating and cooling system should be serviced by a trained professional at least twice a year. This will prolong the life of your system and give you peace of mind through the extreme heating and cooling seasons. Routine service consist of inspection of all the equipment components, filter and belt replacement, drain line cleaning, and checking freon pressures and temperatures.  
At Air & Refrigeration Service, we know that a service company is only as good as the servicemen who work for it. All our servicemen are expertly trained in heating, cooling, refrigeration, and commercial food equipment. On top of being well trained they are hardworking, respectful, and courteous.   

Commercial refrigeration service is relative to the application and location of the equipment. Some equipment may need to be serviced every 2-3 months if in a dirty location. It is important to make sure condenser coils are clean, this will prolong the life of the compressor and keep your system running effieciently. We also fabricate and customize walk-in coolers and freezers to meet all your needs. Whether you want a simple pre-fabricated box or a custom built cold room our trained team will come up with an affordable solution that will work for you.  
We are one of few companies that service both hot and cold side of kitchen equipment. This makes life easier for any chef, food service, or facility maintenance manager trying to run a kitchen efficiently. So whether you own a small restaurant or operate a large institutional kitchen we are the company for you.

Losing a piece of equipment due to lack of routine maintenance can add stress to an already stressful job. Some of our routine maintenance includes; oven calibration, de-liming and descaling combi-ovens, steamers, kettles, etc. There is nothing in a commercial kitchen that is beyond our expertise.   
It is always nice to have options when making important decision. This is no different when installing a new, or replacing existing heating and cooling equipment. There are many different ways to get to the finish line. At Air & Refrigeration we have experts that will work with you to get the job done the right way.
Indoor Air Quality
Advances in indoor air quality have come a long way through the years. There are many affordable options to remove contaminants in the air. UV lights eliminate mold and bacteria that can grow in your duct work and on the evaporator coil. In addition to UV lights, properly installed air cleaners along with fresh air ventilators add a another dimension to air purification.
Sheet Metal
​All of our technicians are either journeyman or master licensed sheet metal workers. Although we do not fabricate our own duct, our relationship with Riverside Sheet Metal makes it easy to have anything made up in no time. When it comes to sizing duct for proper velocity, balancing airflow, and fitting duct into places you didn't think were possible, we are the experts to turn too.  
Commercial refrigeration preventive maintenance also applies to commercial ice machines. In addition to cleaning condenser coils it is extremely to important to sanitize and descale all water components. Any ice machine that does not have a filter system should have one installed. Another option is adding a UV light to the ice machine. UV lights basically eliminate the chance of mold or bacteria growth.